Kraftea is a hand-brew tea shop located in Guomao, Beijing. They use natural and healthy ingredients in every cup of tea, including rose petals, butterfly peas, hibiscus, peppermint leaves, large leaf ripe Pu'er. The specialty of Kraftea is its unique Pot Boiling Pu'er, which was prepared and boiled in front of customers.​​​​​​​
The name was Tang Hu (i.e. pot of Tang dynasty) when the shop first opened. They focused on bringing ancient tea recipe back to life, and they hand-brewed all tea in a bronze tea pot on a stove in front of customers. The logo and decor of the shop fairly classic. Even though brewing tea can be done within 3 mins, however, because of the central location, they could not attract white collars working nearby whose wish are simply to have a cup of beverage in their hands within 5 seconds. So, the shop owner approached me to redesign their brand identity, including posters and menus, using a new shop name Cha Zhu (Kraftea) to make a modern impression among potential customers.

意向选择 / Ideology

In most eyes of Chinese, hand-brewing tea is for elderly people who has a deep knowledge and is picky about tea. We want to redesign and establish the idea that hand-brewing tea is quickly-made, fresh and healthy, it can be well-loved by young people out there. So, in terms of ideology, we chose a few keywords: water drop, field and tea leaves.

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