Personal Project: 许鲜|品牌形象& UI 新设计
Xuxian ( is a leading fresh-fruit-ordering platform in China, it offers convenience for people in big cities to shop high quality fruits without going to the supermarket. Customers can preorder fruits on their app, and pick them up from the nearest local shop/stand at their community the next day, or simply wait for next-day delivery. The huge variety, lower pricing and premium quality of their fruits have attracted millions of users from major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hangzhou. Xuxian now has over 300 shops and over 1.5 million users on their platform, and they are planning to open more than 1,000 new shops in 2016 to serve more people and more communities.
当前的 logo 虽已被大众所知,但风格过于偏手绘,缺乏专业感。这个项目的目的主要希望在保留原先「新鲜」、「天然」的主旨上,更突出许鲜的专业性和高质量,并让 logo 形态能够从 app 延伸到其他的产品线,如包装、手办等。
Although the current logo of Xuxian is well-known, the style is more towards hand-drawn, it doesn't reflect the professional stand of their platform. This project aims to highlight their professionalism and premium quality, while maintaining original focus on fresh and natural.
App 的设计以功能性为主,将更多的空间留给水果图片的展示,突出售卖的产品特征。色彩上,尤其是按钮和促销信息部分,使用明度较高的黄色和橙红色,提高用户购买欲望。
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